Continuing the Clean Energy Revolution in CT

Fight for the Climate at these Upcoming Events

The climate doesn’t follow politics.
The outcome of the presidential, senate and statewide elections in CT means it is even more important to stop the damage our society is doing to the climate and build a fairer, more just and healthier world.
This will only happen if we ACT.
We have to force them to recognize the danger in fossil fuels, see the solution is renewable energy and enact the policies that will enable us to free ourselves from pollution and climate chaos.  Please join 350 CT at these upcoming events , especially the March for Jobs Justice & a Livable Earth in Hartford on Dec 3rd

Unless we show up, our representatives will not enact the policies we need to make the transition to 100% clean, community, renewable energy. This is how change happens and we need you to help us make a better world.

Thank you.

Dec 3rd March for Jobs, Justice and a Livable Earth!

Join 350 CT and the Sierra Club for an rally & march at 12:00 noon in Hartford, CT to pressure our lawmakers to address climate change and environmental racism by transitioning to community controlled renewable energy. Many social justice organizations have  endorsed the event and if you would like to add your organizations please contact us. The demands are listed below:

  • No to Uncontrollable Warming!
  • Emergency Transition to to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy!
  • Mass Electrified Transportation for All!
  • End Environmental Racism! Stand up for Immigrants & Climate Refugees!
  • No to the Fracked Gas Infrastructure Buildout!
  • Jobs & Justice instead of Cuts & Climate Crisis!

People over Pipelines Walk Photos

More than a 100 people joined a 7-8 mile walk along the route of the Connecticut Pipeline Expansion from Agawan, MA to Suffield, CT.  There was great energy and we want to thank everyone for joining us.

Thanks to all that joined the Clean Energy March
350 CT joined an estimated 10,000 people in Philadelphia before the Democratic National Convention to pressure them to hold true to their promise to promote clean energy, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and address the climate crisis we have created.
The Struggle TV highlighted some marchers in this weeks episode and will have more in subsequent episodes.  March Photos
Watch Here!



To learn more about 350 CT  email [email protected], or call (203) 350-3508.

We continue to work toward our 4 demands:

If you can help us out with outreach supply costs, please DONATE.

350 Connecticut is a community of people working to move Connecticut beyond fossil fuels through grassroots organizing.  Our meetings are open to the public, and we operate using consensus-based decision-making.  We do our work in working groups, and meet all together once a month in a public meeting.  We are an organization committed to anti-oppression in all our work and relationships.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more, here are a few things you can do:

Check out our most recent updates and sign up for our email list.

Give us some love on facebook,follow us on twitter or join the meetup group.

Get in touch with our organizers if you want to get involved or want to know more.  You can email us at organizers [at] 350CT [dot] org

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