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Biden’s Chip War is a War Against the Environment

May 28, 2023, 4:30 pm.

A presentation by Rio Nero, socialist organizer from Columbus, Ohio

In September of 2022, Intel broke ground on a $20 billion project to build 2 semiconductor plants with up to 8 fabs in central Ohio. Intel brags that the construction is “going to require [as much] concrete [as] building two of the world’s tallest buildings … and enough structural steel to build eight Eiffel Towers.” It will use a significant portion of Ohio’s total energy budget, suck dangerous amounts of water, and pollute land and rivers. Local activists argue that Biden’s chip war with China, and his related industrial policy, is not a boon for working people, but a disaster for the environment in which working people are forced to live.

To be followed by agenda points on Stop Cop City, the nationally coordinated June days of action End Fossil Fuel, the caravan to the 2023 Day of Mourning hosted by the United American Indians of New England, and other actions.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023–4:30 to 5:30 pm 

Proposed Agenda

  1. Nationally coordinated local actions from June 8-11., People v. Fossil Fuels, the Environmental Justice Network and others are calling for action in response to Biden’s Willow decision and reckless approval of drilling in Alaska and the Gulf Mexico. We must show solidarity with those opposing new sacrifice zones and more emissions.  Discuss the shape of the CT activity.
  2. Stop Cop City.  Hear about the public report backs from Atlanta that Evan has been giving and those to come. Discuss next steps on civil liberities work for those victimized by onerous domestic terrorism charges for defending an urban forest.
  3. Sierra Club request for support for late May protest at Traveler’s Insurance annual meeting.
  4. Request from Railroad Workers United  for call for nationalization of the railroads to defend rail workers, communities, and the environment.
  5. Proposal to begin work to assemble a caravan to the National Day of Mourning hosted each “Thanksgiving Day” by the United American Indians of New England.
  6. Finances
  7. Next Meeting

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Join us Saturday at 5 pm–Vigil for Forest Defender Killed in Atlanta;

Join us Sunday at 4:30 pm–350 CT meeting to discuss what next in this fight.

On Saturday, January 21, at 5 pm, there will be a vigil at McLevy Green in Bridgeport for the Atlanta Forest Defender killed by police who were  using military means to  dismantle a protest camp in the Welaunee Forest, which the powers that be want to be the site of “Cop City.” Please join if you can.

For some background and the national  350 perspective on these events, please read the January 19 statement by National Director Jeff Ordower:

On Sunday, January 22, at 4:30 pm, please zoom into the 350 CT meeting where we will hear form the organizer of this vigil, reflect on the meaning of this death and the charges of “domestic terrorism” brought against the victim’s collaborators at the protest camp, and plan further work to Stop City. We will also hear reports on the January 20 People vs. Fossil Fuels day of actions calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency.

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Meeting ID: 438 616 1964


If you have not signed a solidarity statement, consider signing this one:

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In the Wake of COP 27

The Struggle to Stop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Continues

Thanks to the historic struggle by the nations of the Global South, COP 27 ended with a commitment to develop a fund for the “loss and damage” wrought by extreme weather in the semi-colonial world, but the fund remains without structure, without money, and without the rich emitting nations assuming liability. A family in East Africa cooks and smiles at the viewer.This shameful conclusion makes it all the more important that the U.S. climate justice movement prioritize solidarity with the powerful movements being led by organizations defending working people and farmers against fossil fuel giants on the African continent. One of those struggles centers on the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). French oil giant Total and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation are on the cusp of building a massive crude oil pipeline right through the heart of Africa – displacing communities, endangering wildlife and tipping the world closer to full-blown climate catastrophe. A powerful #STOPEACOP alliance, that includes 350 Africa, has been formed. Join us to learn and plan out solidarity action.

Hear Diana Nabiruma, Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO) Diana Nabiruma is a Senior Program and Communications Officer with AFIEGO, an organization based in Uganda that has been central to efforts to stop fossil fuel expansion in Uganda.  Nabiruma leads her organization’s movement building, communication as well as advocacy efforts to stop the expansion of fossil fuels.image of Diana Nabiruma in colorful clothing in a lush landscape.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

10:00 am NYC Time—Online

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Hosted by 350CT & CT Climate Crisis Mobilization

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Join us on October 23, 2022 for a presentation, followed by our monthly membership meeting.

Change in presentation! Sadly, our agroecology presenter had a death in their inner circle of friends.

We will be featuring (1) a video on the biggest pipeline fight in the world, the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) struggle. Monday is beginning of a global social media campaign in solidarity with East African activists fighting for a sustainable future. Secondly, we will hear from Samantha D. of the Sierra Club on the opening of a massive intersectional effort to see that the state purchase of Capitol District Energy, a polluting power plant in downtown Hartford that has contributed to the environmental injustice faced by Hartford residents, is replaced by a 100% clean renewable energy facility.


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a hoe is standing upright in a field of green

Revitalize Ecologies Decimated by Industrial Agriculture!

Agroecology & Indigenous Food Sovereignty Now!


The industrial agricultural system has been implicated in deadly global warming and the accelerating destruction of the world’s biodiversity. Agroecology is an agricultural science, a principled set of growing practices, and a global social movement rooted in the decolonial struggles of peasant workers and Indigenous peoples and foodways of theirs that have been practiced since time immemorial. Regionalized agroecological transition is a critical means of wrestling control of our very sustenance away from the capitalists driving the dominance of agribusiness and building food sovereignty. It is part of regenerating robust, healthy ecologies more resilient to a rapidly shifting climate.


Lupine Asplund (they/them) is a graduate student studying food systems and agroecology in the United States. Their work focuses on supporting the Western Abenaki’s reclamation and revitalization of traditional crops and growing practices through engaging aspiring farmers in the local Indigenous community’s food sovereignty efforts. Part of the larger Wabanaki Confederacy, the Western Abenaki are the peoples Indigenous to, primarily, the settler-colonial states of Vermont and New Hampshire as well as a large portion of the Canadian province of Québec

When: Oct 23, 2022 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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The presentation will be followed by a short business meeting of 350 CT.  You are welcome to stay.

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Join us on September 25 for a presentation, followed by  our monthly membership meeting.

Sunday, September 25, 2022
4:30 PM

Cancel the Debt of the Global South! Billions $ for Climate Justice Now!

A Presentation by Caitlin Schmidt of XR Philadelphia and Debt for Climate

In 2020 alone, countries of the Global South spent a total of $372 billion servicing debt. The next year, in 2021, 34 of the world’s poorest countries spent over five times more on debt payments than on protecting their people from climate impacts.

This is grotesque because between 82% and 92% of the costs of climate change and over 98% of the associated deaths are borne by countries of the Global South. Conversely, the Global North is responsible for 92% of the excess global carbon emissions at the root of global warming. The challenge to climate activists in the imperialist countries is clear. We must forge bonds of solidarity by campaigning to cancel the debt and to force the rich nations to pay climate reparations to the semi-colonial world. Join us to talk about how to go forward.

A 350 CT membership meeting will follow.

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Our mission in CT is to work towards:

  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • An End to Fracked Gas ExpansionPayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
  • Green Jobs for Fossil Fuel Workers
  • An End to Environmental Racism
  • Mass Transit for All

We do this by meeting monthly, hosting educational speakers, and forming relevant committees to achieve specific goals. We work with other organizations to form a united front because our opposition is the fossil fuel industry.  We take our actions seriously – chipping away at the massive carbon-burning systems is no easy work.  We need help.  We need all the help we can get.  Please Join Us.