350 CT Statement on 2016 CT State Budget Proposal

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No Austerity! Renewable Prosperity for CT! 

Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget for the state of CT follows the austerity model of republican governors in states like Kansas & Michigan.  This budget doesn’t ask our most affluent residents to pay their fair share but instead shifts the burden to municipalities who will proceed to raise property taxes on those that can least afford it.  This budget includes possible layoffs for up to 3000 state employees, cuts to town funding, social services and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 350 CT stands with the underserved people of CT, those trying to protect our air & water, and towns who see their funds constantly reduced to say that we need a new financial direction in our state which prioritizes people’s health & safety over protecting the wealth of a few.

This proposed budget looks similar to proposals by Republican governors which have led to high deficits, more cuts and more inequality.  It would be the first step in spiraling us downward toward emergency managers, bankrupt schools and failing infrastructure.  These are the exact conditions that have led to the poisoning of the people of Flint, where the governor cut taxes, slashed the budget and encouraged switching away from a safe water system to save money.  We cannot protect the people of environmental justice communities like Bridgeport and Hartford or preserve our coastline threatened by climate change while cutting the regulatory agencies and town funding.  Every attempt, across the United States & the world, to solve debt and deficit issues through cuts has only failed and led to dire consequences.

Here in CT we have an opportunity to forge a new direction.  Instead of limiting  revenue with pledge of no new taxes and then cutting to fit, we should determine services and infrastructure we need and then look to those who can most afford it to support their state. We need to transition to 100% renewable energy, including a greater emphasis on mass transit, as soon as possible and demand that those who have had free pass to pollute for decades have the responsibility to mitigate the damage they have caused.  President Obama’s proposed fee on oil to support a clean transportation system and several items in the CPC* People’s Budget could be implemented in our state and we can go further.  CT should tax fossil fuels to build a mass transit system that supports the majority of residents instead of spending state money to widen I-95 & I-84 that serves interstate traffic that pollutes our communities.

350 CT has joined with others who oppose austerity measures and look to preserve health, safety, services, and jobs, while moving to rapidly transition to a 100% renewable energy system and equitable green mass transit for all. Those who have profited from inequality, cutbacks, and pollution owe this to the people of CT and it is way overdue.

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*Congressional Progressive Caucus People’s Budget

Protect our Environment

Close tax loopholes and ends subsidies to fossil fuel companies

Implement a price on carbon pollution

Invest in clean, renewable, and efficient energy and green manufacturing

Invest In America 

Expand commitment to create efficient renewable energy and competitive, high-quality green jobs

Fair Individual Taxes

Ensure profits from investments are taxed at the same rate as income from work

Return to Clinton-era tax rates for households making over $250,000 and implement new brackets for those making over $1 million

Fair Coporate Taxes

Enact Financial Transaction Tax on Hedge fund trading

End unlimited executive pay tax write-offs

Pathways Out of Poverty and Empowering the Middle Class 

Increase discretionary funding to invest in women, communities of color and their families

Reverse harmful cuts and enhances the social safety net

Justice and Fair Elections

Protect voting rights by increasing funding to voter protection agencies

Fund public financing of campaigns to curb the influence of special interests in politics


Updated : March 26, 2016