350 CT Working Groups

Anti-oppression Committee:

350 Connecticut is committed to confronting oppression on both the institutional and interpersonal levels because we are committed to seeking systemic change. This means that as an organization we will make every reasonable attempt to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Group email: [email protected]

Outreach Committee:
The Outreach Committee aims to reach across Connecticut to build relationships with other organizations and people who care about climate justice.  Interested in getting involved?  Have an idea of a Connecticut group we should get to know? Let us know!

Group email: [email protected]

Media Team:
The 350 Connecticut Media Team grew out of the Tar Sands Working Group’s media team. People that are interested in joining this fast-paced team should contact the email below.

Group email: [email protected]

Tar Sands Working Group:

Many members of 350 CT were very active in actions to block the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that would carry tar sands bitumen from Canada to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico for refining to useable oil.  The Tar Sands working group continues to work on blocking this project and all projects that encourage development of tar sands for oil.

Group email: [email protected]

Bridgeport Coal Working Group:
Several environmental groups, including 350 Connecticut, are working together with the common goal of retiring the aging Bridgeport coal plant.

Global Warming Solution Act Working Group:
This working group advocates for policies and actions that will help Connecticut meet its greenhouse gas reduction requirements under the Global Warming Solutions Act, and strives to increase accountability and public awareness around the GWSA.

Group email: [email protected]


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