350 CT Committees


Responsible for organizing talks and discussion panels for the meetings and public. This team seeks out and invites professionals to promote a progressive dialogue.

Legislative Team

Our watchdog.  They stay on top of all climate change related legislation coming out of the state of CT and at the federal level.  They alert the group if immediate action is required and spearhead discussion if movement is required in the form of letter writing, campaigning, demonstration, or protest.


Maintains the nuts and bolts of informing both 350CT and the public.  This includes, but is not limited to, managing the website, meet-up, and press releases to newspapers, newsletters, and radio stations.

Art & Social Media

Maintains the following 350CT accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They also host various events to inspire the public to join the cause, including musical performances and art shows.

Internal Outreach

Manages email list serves and mail chimp. They keep the members of 350CT up to date with each other.  They run the steering committee to help recruit specific members for special projects and efforts.

External Outreach

Goes into the communities of Connecticut to educate people where they are, at their level.  They go to libraries, retirement communities, and schools with educational programs and materials.


Raises money to run 350CT.  Printing flyers, printing educational materials, acquiring permits to protest, paying for online real estate, supporting sister organizations, and donating to meeting spaces for upkeep are a few of the line items.