350CT Leadership Elections

As many of you know, we are in the midst of an exciting transition.  At our last meeting on May 29 we discussed and approved the structure for the new leadership team, as well as a process to vote for said leadership team.

Kelly Forbush was voted to be our official election coordinator.

1. Collect Nominations (by June 16)
If you want to nominate yourself for a position on the leadership team, email Kelly a brief blurb about why you want to fill that position and what skills you will bring to the position.

If you want to nominate someone for a position, email Kelly the person’s name and contact information. (I’ll contact them to check that they are interested in the position and ask them to write a blurb)

2. Publish Nominations (on June 18)
Blurbs for all the candidates will be emailed to the 350CT listserv for viewing and absentee voting

3. Vote for our Leadership Team (June 26)

Please save the date for our really important 350CT leadership team elections meeting.

Tuesday, June 26
Start time: 6:30 PM
End time: by 9pm, hopefully earlier.
Location: TBD, in New Haven

If you want to vote on the leadership team, but end up not being able to come to the meeting, you will be able to cast your vote by emailing or calling Kelly at least 24hrs before the meeting. (I need time to compile absentee votes)
To vote you must have attended at least one other 350CT meeting.

Please write “350CT Elections” in the subject of you email.

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