9 Days to Moving CT – Things You Can Do

Friends and Planet Movers,

CT Communities Moving Beyond Fossil FuelsWe are 9 days out from Moving Connecticut on 9/24, and the momentum is building faster than we could have imagined.  Across the state, organizers are working on all sorts of great events in their communities — bike rides and cleanups and solar tours and parties that will all then converge in New Haven at 4pm for a rally that is going to be huge.  I’ve met with grassroots leaders across the state this last week, and the energy is high — higher than I’ve ever seen it before.  By all accounts, 9/24 is going to be a truly incredible day.

We’re in crunch time now, and that means the need for help is even greater than before.  Whether you’re getting involved for the first time or have been helping out since the beginning, there are a few things below that we are asking everyone to help with.  If you have other ways you can help, please offer.

Things you can do in the final 9 days before 9/24 Moving Connecticut:

Write a personal appeal to your friends and family asking them to join us on 9/24.  Tell them why this is important to you, and speak from the heart.  It often happens that we support or pour ourselves into things and we forget to tell the people closest to us what we’re doing or why we’re doing it.  If you’re giving your time and energy to help our state move beyond fossil fuels toward a brighter future, your friends should know about it.  See Genevieve’s personal appeal here, and post your own in the comments below when you send it out.

Help build our list of supporters by tabling or talking to friends and collecting names and emails.  Enter the email addresses in (one by one) at https://350ct.org/signup/ or send them to [email protected].  Either way — make sure they get to us!

Bring us more partners.  Partner organizations are ones that support 9/24 Moving CT and agree to publicize the event, though many of our partners are doing much more than that.  Partner organizations are the bread and butter of the coalition organizing we’re doing.  Talk to organizations you’re a part of or know about and ask them if they can partner with us for a day to get beyond fossil fuels.  There’s no money involved.  Let us know at [email protected] so we can put them up on the partners website.

Post fliers.  Post them everywhere!  Talk to coffee shops and ask if they’ll post our flier in a special place as a sign of support.  The fliers can be downloaded at https://350ct.org/move/flier/, and we’ve got printed copies, too.  Artistic?  Design your own flier and send it our way so we can post it on the website.  Just make sure it has 350ct.org/move on it, and the correct date and location (4pm 9/24 New Haven Green).  We’d love to see someone do tree-ribbons again, too.  We’ll buy the ribbon.  And we’ve got tons of Buzz Boxes to be made.

Give us some Facebook love.  Make sure you’re signed up at the Moving Connecticut FB event and that you’ve Liked 350 Connecticut.  Check back on 350 Connecticut and Like some of the posts like this one.  The more people that Like a post, the more it will be seen by the rest of the world.  And don’t forget to invite your CT friends to the Moving Connecticut FB event, too!

If you can help us out on the big day, let us know via the Volunteer Form.  Anything else, get in touch with us directly at [email protected].

Excited and grateful,
Justin and the 350 CT team

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    • Hi David,
      Thank you for organizing the great event. We will be posting your event on our website and on our facebook page.
      Please do post pictures of the event at the facebook page or directly email it to us at [email protected].
      Thank you for being part of this movement.
      Outreach Coordinator

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