9/24 Moving Connecticut: big success

Hey Planet Movers!

Yesterday you did it. You moved, and you moved big, and things aren’t going to be the same anymore in our state. Moving Connecticut was a great success. Together we sent our message that it’s time to get past fossil fuels, to bike and walk and take the train, to use more solar power and live more efficiently–and to make a lot more noise about it. A huge collection of sister events around the globe, all part of Moving Planet and all sponsored by 350.org sent the same message at the same time.

On the New Haven Green the weather was great. Our leaders spoke with passion and our musicians played with soul and more than 150 of us cycled together through the heart of the city. You can see photos on the 350ct Flickr stream, including our giant “350” as seen from high above the Green. We’re also getting a lot of great coverage in the media, much of which is collected on our media page.

If you have photos or videos you’d like to share, send them (full resolution, multiple-per-email is fine) to [email protected]. We’ll add them to our photo stream. Put the title of the photo plus “New Haven, CT, USA” in the subject line, and put “Photo: <your name>” and a description in the body. Photos from around the world are available on moving-planet.org.

Today is a day for gratitude. Together we are grateful for our partners,  sponsors, and organizers, the folks who invited their friends and family, and the people who were present in New Haven and at the many other events around our state. And we’re grateful for you and your support!

But today is not the end of anything. Though 9/24 is done, the work of reshaping our future is not, and 350 Connecticut is just getting started. We’ve shown that we can do amazing things, and now it’s time to do some more. So get involved! Three great things to do right now: 

  • Share your favorite moment from the day on our Facebook wall or in the comments section at 350ct.org/move.
  • Show your support and appreciation and Like us and our partners!
  • Spread the word about 9/24 Moving Connecticut and all the important work we’re going to do together going forward. Post some pictures on Facebook or write an op-ed.

Those of you who requested to be added to the 350ct mailing list will get invites soon–don’t forget to confirm. Be assured: you’ll hear more from 350 Connecticut!

–Doug and the 350ct organizers

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