An introduction, an invitation, and Moving Connecticut Organizers across Connecticut,

First, an introduction: I’m Justin Haaheim, the Regional Coordinator for Connecticut.  I’m here to be a resource for you, to help connect people with similar interests or projects, and to join with you and others to build a broad, powerful statewide network of groups working for a better future for our planet and the people on it.  I live in New Haven, CT, and joined the Team in March.  Feel free to write me at justin –at– 350 dot org — I’d love to hear from you.

By now, you’ve all heard about Moving Planet ( — the big global day of action coming up on September 24th.  This year, 350 is aiming BIG and asking for people to work together for big turnout in a few key places in the US, and Connecticut is one of them.  It’s time for us to come together across the state and do what we do well: organize the kind of beautiful, inviting, inspiring climate action that is going to mobilize our communities and cool our planet.

So far, we know that there will be a major action in New Haven, CT with people and organizations coming from across the region, and there can be others too.  In the coming weeks we need to think about how we can work together, how we can make a big splash with everything our communities and organizations have to offer, and how we can coordinate closely on other actions we plan across the state.

Planning a statewide action will take some hard work, but I don’t doubt for a minute that we’ve got everything it takes (and more), and it’s time to put our heads together and make it happen.  What we need now is your creativity and organizing talent.

This Wednesday (6/22) we’re holding our first brainstorming meeting for Moving Planet Connecticut in New Haven, and you’re invited.  We’ll bring the pizza, you bring the bright ideas.  6/22 at 6pm at The Grove, 71 Orange St, New Haven.  Space is limited.  RSVP on Facebook:

If you can’t make it, don’t worry.  It’s important that we get your input and your ideas, so we’re going to hold one or two more regional brainstorming meetings in the next three weeks.  If you can help to host a meeting in your area, get in touch.  Following these meetings, we’ll do a conference call to catch anyone we missed and to firm up our plans.

If you’re interested in any part of this, from tossing out a few ideas to being on the core organizing team, leave us a note here: Moving Planet CT Interest Form  I will send emails like this sparingly — most of our work will happen in meetings, calls and our core organizing email list.  Check the box on the page above if you’d like to keep in touch and be on that list.

There’s lots of good work ahead of us, and we all know that the need and the urgency could not be greater.  Thankfully we’ve got good, fun, passionate people to stand with in this fight, and more and more each day.  I hope that in and amongst our work in the coming months, we can also find times to put the work down and share some good downtime with each other.

I’m glad to count you as friends and partners in this movement, and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.  Onwards,


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