Assembly Proposal : Extinction Rebellion

Title: Organize with Extinction Rebellion

Motion: Encourage attendance at Extinction Rebellion Dec 2 Action



DECEMBER 2, 2018

What: Extinction Rebellion US launch event

When: Sunday, Dec. 2 at 12:00 noon

Where: Stanton Park, located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and C St. NE in Washington DC

For More Info: Contact Jim Driscoll of Extinction Rebellion US at [email protected]

Global warming and widespread ecological collapse have become critical emergencies demanding rapid and radical action. But the governments that claim to represent us continue to lead us down this path of destruction. The voice of the people is being drowned out by the money of dirty industries.

It is time to say, “Enough is enough!”

Activists in the UK have decided to take a new strategy. Instead of trying to address the symptoms of our broken system, they are now trying to change the system itself. They believe this is our only hope for survival. On October 31st, they launched Extinction Rebellion with three demands:

  1. That the government tell the truth about the climate emergency and abandon all policies that contribute to ecological destruction
  2. That the government begin a World War II-scale mobilization to reach zero emissions by 2025 and begin drawing massive amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere
  3. That Citizen’s Assemblies that truly represent the will of the people be established to oversee the transition to a green economy

Global warming is a global problem, so we must do our part to bring these demands to fruition. On December 2nd, 2018, we will be holding the first Extinction Rebellion US event. After gathering at Stanton Park at 12:00pm, we will march to the U.S. Capitol and affix our list of demands to the door of the building. This will be the first in a series of escalating nonviolent demonstrations.

If you are interested in joining us to stand up for the planet, please fill out the form at the link below: