Assembly Proposal : Fundraising

Title: Fundraising

Motion:  I recommend we continue to research alternative funding options ie. 501c3


Background on 350 Mass: Very confusingly to many folks, 350 Mass is a program of Better Future Project (BFP) – actually our biggest program. BFP worked with interested volunteers to create 350 Mass in 2012. Over the past 6 years, we grew 350 Mass from about 60 people who met in Cambridge to a network of thousands of people across the state who work through our 17 nodes across Massachusetts from the Berkshires to the Cape. Every two years, our volunteers come together under the leadership of the 350 Mass Statewide Steering Team (SST, comprised of 1-2 elected representatives from each node) to choose our campaigns for the next cycle.
Relationship between 350 Mass and BFP: 350 Mass is a volunteer-led network that receives staff support from Better Future Project. Staff take on tasks such as leading trainings, helping execute major events, meeting with coalition partners, fundraising, tax filing/accounting, and more. Notable, most of this work is done in conjunction/partnership with 350 Mass volunteers, with the notable exception of tax filing/accounting. That said, 350 Mass has at least one volunteer rep on hiring committees for staff members who regularly engage with 350 Mass volunteers for their job. Currently, 350 Mass has 3 full-time staff and 1 ½ time staff who work exclusively on 350 Mass, as well as 3 other staff who spend part of their time on 350 Mass (including the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and Director of Development for Better Future Project). For more details of this relationship, please visit here to read the 350 Mass charter. 
Proposed Relationship with 350 Connecticut (350 CT): BFP would like to begin a conversation, if 350 CT leadership is interested, as to what it would look like for us to partner in the same way the BFP & 350 Mass work together.
This could include:
  • BFP staff working with 350CT leaders to help fundraise for 1 or more organizers for 350 CT.
  • BFP taking on the accounting and IRS filing for 350 CT.
  • BFP helping 350 CT create a similar structure to 350 Mass in terms of having nodes with elected leadership who work together to make statewide decisions.
  • 350 Mass & 350 CT leaders meeting 1-2x/year to share best practices, discuss goals, strategy, and tactics, participate in joint trainings.
  • 350 Mass & 350 CT leaders turning out for each other’s major mobilizations more intentionally/partnering on them more intentionally.
  • 350 Mass & 350 CT leaders working together to think through joint campaign opportunities.