Assembly Proposal : Pentagon is Largest Climate Changer

Title: The Pentagon is the Largest Institutional Contributor to Climate Change Induced Catastrophe

Motion: 350 CT will include the contribution of the U.S. military to climate change, as well as the dangerous military responses to the social uprisings in response to climate induced deprivation, in its educational outreach and movement building efforts.

Background: According to Joyce Nelson, author of “Missing from the Paris Agreement: the Pentagon’s Monstrous Carbon Boot Print” (The Ecologist, January 6, 2015), Big Green organizations have maintained a “cone of silence” around the role of the US military in inducing climate change. Yet there is no question that fossil fuel resource wars and the infrastructure built to wage them are the greatest single institutional contributor to GHG emissions on the planet. While this silence is consistent with the reliance of Big Green on the good graces of the Democratic Party and the foundations that operate within its strictures, failure to identify the Pentagon as a major climate change actor unnecessarily separates the U.S. climate movement from the vast majority of the residents of the United States who want money now spent on war to be spent on social services, and from the majority of the climate justice organizations in the rest of the world, who are victim to US military efforts to defend big extractivism and austerity regimes that promise fossil fuel security.

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