Assembly Proposal : Plant Based Events

Title: Making changes is every individuals responsibility

Motion: Transition all 350 ct events to being completely plant based. The people of 350 ct commit to transitioning to a plant based diet by 2020 and incorporate plant based advocacy into the objective of 350 CT

Background: Transitioning to a plant based diet is in line with ditching your car. 14% of carbon pollution is due to animal agriculture. If this is such an emergency then it is our responsibility to change our ways. Taste is no excuse for destructive behavior. There is no faster and easier way for us to chip away at climate change than to adopt a plant based diet. And yet the topic is so often sidelined by those who seek to better our environment. Change comes from within, if we really want to change the world we can’t just talk about the things we’d like others to do, we must make changes within our own lives as well. Meat takes about 6-8 times more energy to create than edible plants. Biofuels were called a crime against humanity and they only take up 9% of food produced in the world, what does that say of animal agriculture which takes up about 36% of food produced in the world. The proportions much worse in the US, with 27% of food being consumed and 67% of crop going to livestock. In a few third world countries meat may be necessary, but for us in the US it is not, and under no circumstances should we still be supportive of the animal agriculture industry.


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