Assembly Proposal : Teach In

Title: Winter 2019 Teach In: Methane, Militarism, and Movement Building:
Experts and Activists Discussion Some of the Toughest Questions Facing the Climate Movement”

Motion: 350 CT will sponsor and anchor work on second statewide Teach in on issues in dispute within the climate movement and this Teach In will be scheduled to maximize the participation of the methane expert Robert Howarth and an equally authoritative speaker on Pentagon emissions. Local activists will draw out the movement building activities that could be developed if clarity on these issues were achieved.

Background: The role of both methane and the Pentagon in bringing us closer to catastrophic climate change are in dispute. At the February 24, 2018 Teach In, numerous activists were shaking their head in doubt when Robert Howarth’s assertion on the deadly short term effect of methane was stated from the stage. And because many Democratic Party “allies” of the climate movement fully support US wars and the growth of the military, the actual outsized impact of the Pentagon on warming has been suppressed by mainstream climate organizations. Yet both of these sources of dangerous GHG emissions must be stopped if we are to win a livable planet. And the deep community activism against both fracked gas pipelines and the Pentagon are underutilized in the effort to build an effective climate movement.

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