Assembly Proposal : Remote Meetings

Title: Why are we driving to hold meetings?

Motion: We get a Zoom account and hold at least half of our meetings electronically.


Why is a climate change group doing so much driving?

I have been in many Zoom meetings. Those who have a camera attached to their computers (standard on many laptops) can be visually present. (I believe this can also be done with tablets and smart phones, though I haven’t done it myself.) Those who do not have such an arrangement can join by phone. Because most people join visually, it is very much like having a face-to-face meeting.
1. Reduced driving, and thus reduction in our contribution to GHG
2. Reduced cost (and hassle) of renting spaces for meetings
3. Greater accessibility to people from all parts of the state. Our meetings rotate through a central CT corridor, and, perhaps as a result, we have very little representation from people far from the center – the eastern and western sides of the state.
4. Greater accessibility to those who don’t (or choose not to) drive cars
Website for Zoom plans and pricing.
There are free accounts, but meetings are limited to 40 minutes in duration.
The next step up costs $14.99 per month with unlimited meeting duration.