Clean Energy Lobby Day May 5th

Clean Energy Lobby Day Saturday May 5th

Join us at the Capitol for  CLIMATE LOBBY DAY
Saturday, May 5—12 PM

CT Legislative Office Building
300 Capital Avenue · Hartford, CT

Come talk to your legislators in person! We’ll connect you with your legislator and teach you how to get your message across so they understand how important clean energy is.

Stay tuned for more details and registration. If you would like to join us or have any questions, email Melissa at [email protected].

Some Climate Legislation currently being considered:
Shared Solar SB 336
Shared Solar is not only a necessary part of getting CT to 100% renewable energy but it also allows those who can’t install solar at home more control of how their energy is produced. We must keep up the pressure to pass Shared Solar this year! Click here to send a Twitter message asking leaders to pass Shared Solar.

Good & Bad in Energy Bill SB 9
SB 9 increases renewable energy targets and energy efficiency standards because the public demanded it.
However there are also changes to net metering which would make it less attractive to install renewable energy systems and slow down solar growth in Connecticut.  The bill needs to amended to improve or at least not harm our net metering rules.

Climate Bill SB 7
SB 7’s climate targets & sea level rise measures are positive steps to meet the states climate commitments, and to plan better for climate change along our coast. The bill has broad support, but it isn’t moving.  We need to hold legislative leaders accountable for getting this bill passed.