350CT Monthly Meeting : Presentation on Climate Resistance Handbook

350CT Monthly Meeting to report back on previous events and campaigns as well as make decisions on future events and actions.

This month we will start with a Discussion of the Climate Resistance Handbook (subtitle: I Was Part of a Climate Action. Now What?)

This handbook is about planning a strategy for building a powerful movement for climate action, with the emphasis on planning and strategy. It is a brief introduction to the steps for breaking the cycle of endless repetitive actions that don’t go anywhere and instead building a campaign with a well-defined goal and a strategy for escalating the pressure on a target. A series of campaigns then is used to build a growing movement.

This introductory handbook links to further training documents on the trainings.350.org website.
Much of the approach taken here comes from Training for Change:https://www.trainingforchange.org

For more on past efforts visit 350CT.org.