CT Climate Crisis Mobilization planning meeting

We hope you are doing as well as possible in our current reality.
The next Zoom meeting of the CT Climate Crisis Mobilization (C3M) will be this Sunday, April 5, from 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Please RSVP at this link:
so we can maintain a safe and welcoming environment at our meetings.
The Steering Committee will make a proposal, which everyone can discuss and vote on, regarding a joint action we can take in late April to draw attention to the need to fight for a livable planet while we fight for our lives in the time of Covid-19. This action will also highlight the programs that not only mitigate the climate crisis but also lessen the probability of future pandemics and the harm they can cause.
In addition, we will take up formally adopting an anti-racism, anti-bigotry statement of principles. We will also continue planning for the roundtable we approved earlier.
We are all in this together — the pandemic and the climate crisis. Please join us!
If you know of others who haven’t been involved yet and would like to be, you can share the above link with them.
In solidarity,
C3M Steering Committee