End of Ice Author Dahr Jamail speaking at Mark Twain house

Join Dahr Jamail as he shares the experience of writing THE END OF ICE, his ongoing climate reporting, his personal experiences from around the globe, and empathic and practical ways to think about and respond to the climate crisis.

Dahr Jamail is an award-winning journalist and author of THE END OF ICE: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption (The New Press, 2019). Jamail has spent decades reporting from around the globe and has been a writer for Truthout.org for over five years. Dahr Jamail’s monthly climate feature page is titled ‘Climate Disruption Dispatches.’

In THE END OF ICE Dahr Jamail journeys to the world’s “hot spots”—locations experiencing the most dramatic impacts of climate disruption—as he climbs and dives alongside some of the leading experts and scientists studying these locales, investigating what lies ahead for the planet, and for us. He and Barbara Cecil co-author a regular column on climate disruption forTruthout.org titled “How Then Shall We Live,” a series intended to help us come to terms emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, with where we are and how to face our future.

Some praise for THE END OF ICE:
“Matching awe for the majestic intricacy and beauty of nature with exacting and alarming dispatches, Jamail calls on us to respect facts, honor life, and recognize that we are facing increasingly tragic disruptions and loss. Enlightening, heartbreaking, and necessary.” –Booklist

“Assiduously researched, profoundly affecting, and filled with vivid evocations of the natural world. . . . A passionate, emotional ode to the wonders of our dying planet and to those who, hopelessly or not, dedicate their lives to trying to save it.” –Kirkus Reviews

“I am grateful for this gift of wonder and contemplation that Jamail has given us. This earth was our first teacher, and though we haven’t listened well, we have time yet to hear its song.” –Natalie Diaz, Native language activist and author of forthcoming Postcolonial Love Poem, Graywolf Press 2020