Head of the Black Snake Teach In

Dear North Brooklyn Pipeline fighters,

Want to learn more about National Grid’s proposed expansion of their Liquefied “Natural” Gas (LNG) facility in Greenpoint?

Join us for a teach-in this Sunday on the head of the black snake! We’ll be covering:

-How the LNG facility connects to the North Brooklyn Pipeline

-Why LNG is bad news for the health and safety of communities that have already suffered from decades of fossil fuel and industrial pollution along Newtown Creek

– Why LNG is bad for our climate

-The many inadequacies we’ve found with National Grid’s application

-And most importantly, how we’re going to stop it!

Register here to attend the teach-in through Zoom

Despite clear community opposition to any new fracked gas infrastructure, National Grid recently filed for air permits with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for two new LNG vaporizers, which will allow them to add additional gas to the system during peak demand.

The deadline to submit a public comment to the DEC on the LNG vaporizers is December 26!

During the teach-in we’ll talk about the importance of public comments in stopping this LNG expansion and walk you through our very fact-packed comment prompt #2 so you feel confident in submitting your own on this very technical, wonky subject.

Because when it comes to beating fracked gas infrastructure, knowledge is power, baby!

Register to get your knowledge and power on this Sunday at 5pm

With love and people POWER!

– The No NBK Pipeline Coalition