TransitEquity4CT – Multimodal Meetup on Rosa Parks’ Birthday
Transit riders are already doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.
Join us on Tuesday, February 4th to celebrate bus transit, commuter rail, walking, biking, and the legacy of Rosa Parks. At the same time, the state’s CT2030 plan is being shaped. The first draft of that plan included just 2% of funding for bus transit and 0.25% for pedestrian and bicycle projects. Bus transit riders, who all walk and bike and some point in their trip, must join together in a unified voice to demand bus transit system improvements and safe walking and biking routes around bus stops. We are building a grassroots bus transit riders union in the Hartford metro area to advocate for much needed improvements and an equitable portion of Connecticut’s funding. Join us for coffee on Feb 4th and let’s start making change.

(1) Hartford Transit Improvement Plan –
(2) Hartford Bicycle Master Plan –
(3) Hartford Pedestrian Safety Plan –

We’ll see many of you on Tuesday, February 4th. And please take this day to contact your state legislators –>