General Assembly

On July 21st, 2018 at 10:00 AM , 350 CT will host a General Assembly at the Middlesex Community College to decide upon our organizing orientation & priorities. We invite everyone to provide feedback for proposals below on policy, specific campaigns or actions, and the ideals for everyday organizational life in the group.

Click Here For 2017 350 General Assembly Results

Current goals of 350 CT

 Updating Policy for 350 CT

Section A. What are the best demands/orientation today for 100% Renewable Energy campaigns?

Section B. Transportation

  • Waiting for Proposals

Section D. Agriculture

  • Waiting for Proposals

Section E. Other including recycling, waste, conservation, habitat

  • Waiting for Proposals

Section F. Allyship / Orientation to the “Everyone” in the Slogan “To Change Everything, It Takes Everyone”

  • Waiting for Proposals

Section G. Organizing Independent of Political Parties or Joining Partisan Campaigns

Summer / Fall/ Winter Campaigns and Actions

Structure and Finances

  • Waiting for Proposals