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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who made it to our meeting last night! The meeting minutes are available below. Be sure to scroll all the way to bottom to look at next steps and let us know if you can make any of them happen.

I’m highlighting two things we could really use some help with.

1) We need volunteers to go to other events and sit at the 350CT table. Reply to this email if you can show up for any/all of the time. The events are

9/10 – CT Green Expo. Edgerton Park, New Haven. 11am-4pm
9/17 – East Rock Festival. Orange St @ Willow St, New Haven. 10am-8pm
9/17 & 9/18 – Live Green CT. Taylor Farm Park, Norwalk. 10am-4pm

2) Things we need for 9/24. Reply to this email if you can provide (or know someone who can provide) these items.

– pick-up truck or van
– driver for pick-up truck or van
– 8 ft tables
– folding chairs
– 5 gallon, or larger, water cooler
– clipboards
– Masking tape-2 to 3 rolls
– Large Magic Markers: All Colors
– Construction Paper: Colors Esp. Black & White
– Glue Sticks: At least 10
– Stapler- 2
– 8X10 white printer paper and legal size for Personal Refrigerator Art
– Name tags
– Toilet paper, Paper towel cylinders
– playground balls – ~10 inch diameter
– king size bed sheet (that we can cut a hole in)
– 2X4’s



Moving Connecticut Meeting #5 Minutes

Justin – welcome. What’s going on and what we need help with

Name – affiliation – something people don’t know about you
Rick Herron – Yale college jr – has a twin brother
John Gorham – Bridgeport clean energy taskforce – used to have a pet goat
Diane Lentakis – CT Sierra Club, 350 – volunteers at a hospital and hospice
Paul Brunner – CT Sierra Club – saw eclipse of sun for 6 min in Mexico
Tambira Armmand – 350 – going to England for vacation in Nov.
Sam Attinger  – Amity High School environmental club – plays the uke
Kim Stoner – New Haven Friends Meeting, CT Agricultural Station – used to play alto sax
Justin Paglino – post-doc at Yale – has 2 kids; died hair blond in college
Emily Freed – 350/ActNH – went to Antarctica last year for vacation
Paul Hammer – bike advocate – planned to get famous by chartering plane and taking penguins from antartic to artic and claiming discover of first penguins in the artic
Joyce Acebo-Raguskus – Clean Water Action, coalition for safe and healthy CT – major was behavioral science
Justine Kolata – Yale college sr – 2nd degree black belt, was trapeze artist as a child
Justin Haaheim – 350, handful of other things – climbed the highest mt in MA on Monday in quest to climb highest mts in northeast. Got rained on A LOT
Yalamber Rai – 350 – dressed up today because he’s working with a non-profit in NYC
Aaron Goode – CT Green Expo – went to first Burning Man exactly 10 years ago
Ray Crouch – Yale college – is a quadruplet
Doug – Yale Mechanical Eng dept – his wife lied the first time they got pregnant and said there were twins

1) Updates&catch-up
2) Two asks – brainstorm
things that have to be done
how those next steps will happen
3) Where are we taking this?
Emily: Melissa Everret may lead a separate mtg just to discuss this
Justin: Important question, needs to be address. Will do short questions now. long discussion at a separate mtg
Diane/Kim: needs to be talked about urgently
Paul H: should have telecommunication at the mtg for people who can’t make it
write to Emily or Justin to skype in (Emily will email details)

1) Updates
– 350 is growing like crazy in CT and all over the US. Lots of work has gotten done
– JH: thanks to everyone for all of the work you’re putting in
– 2.5 weeks out from Moving CT!!
– Morning: events across CT. Afternoon: in New Haven, Green – rally, speakers, music, organizations tabling, pedal powered screening of Wall-E
– Buzz boxes – John Gorham. Give people an activity so you can keep their attention. Start a conversation about climate change.
JH: good organizers know that it would be impossible if organizers had to do it all themselves. Need to get people involved, tell them what’s important, and ask them to help. 15000 buzz boxes need folding. It’s a good way to get people in. 75 groups have been exposed to the boxes
Joyce: have unfolded boxes at the art table at Moving CT

Diane: environmental orgs will be table a lot in the next few weeks. Boxes need folding before then

JH: immense possibility to make a huge day of action, get hundreds of people involved, have a bubbling critical mass, very excited to be part of it. Want 350 CT to take this energy and bring it together on 9/24 and in the future

Questions (of import to the entire group. What’s going on? Who’s doing what? etc)
Kim: What is it exactly we’re asking leaders of groups to do? Individuals we ask to come and participate. What about organizations?
JH: outreach training a few weeks ago ( ). Call out things you’ve asked another group to do
– have a table for their organization on 9/24. Tell us about you
– ask what they can do that day to reduce carbon footprint
– we’ll support you, can you support us? cross-publicity
– funding
– help with a specific task, e.g. print fliers
– come up with pledges for the year for ways to reduce carbon footprint (+ quantification of this). Have people sign up for these (will bike more, will use less water, will sign up for home energy audit, etc)
– sign-up for 350 CT email list
– distribute fliers to members. Give target # of fliers
* concrete asks better than big, abstract things
– have groups make banners
– put 350 banners on bikes for critical mass ride
– ask what they can do to educate people about climate change
* ask what the group likes to do and what they’re good at
– print off 350 PDFs on talking points for solutions, science, and politics ( )
– make an announcement about 9/24 and why it’s important to you
– sign a petition (state-wide legislation)
* need to decide on political legislation ask. Rick has contacts with Yale Dems. We don’t have the people power for this right now. CT Fund for Environment, League of conservation voters, etc may already have info on legislation/may have petitions already
Who wants to put together a digest of what’s going on and see if there are petitions we can send people to? Push this to post 9/24? Put info on May have response from politician (Malloy) by then. Speak about it at the event. Justin P will put together list of legislation that’s already out. Paul H will help. Collin and Russ signed up previously. Maybe they’re still interested
messaging is about getting beyond fossil fuels – transportation, energy efficiency
June 7th – Senate Bill 1 – energy bill ( )

Big Picture Goals
– Rosa DeLauro, Susan Bysowitch (?), Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal, Dan Malloy – want these people to show up
– logistics – need a stage, want bike power for the movie (bikers for the movie. Emily talk to Justin P about bikers)
– want lots of people to bike in
– bike cop/escort for the critical mass ride
– port-a-potties (Emily talk to Paul H). 4 for $360
– rain location
** please offer a bit of your time ** can be specific task or with an idea abt how much time you have

Funding update
– Sierra Club National turned us down. Trying to get $ from another chapter. John C asking tonight
– Ask Smilow Cancer Center? Sure

2 concrete asks from Justin H (to everyone, new and old)
– Grow our email list. At least 10 email addresses – from church, school, random people on the street, etc.
either have them sign up on (or enter their email address yourself)
send lists of email addresses to Emily ( emily-at-actnh-dot-org ). Put date and event it came from
if tabling, ask for name, email address, phone, how they want to get involved
– Grow our partner list. At least 10. Ask if we can formally call them a partner and if they will help us spread the word. Send with email blast text ( ). Ask if they want to table

to be a partner: does not involve money. Involved putting their name and logo our website (and vice versa). Will spread the word for us. They agree with what we’re doing. A few examples are:
BikeWalk CT
City Seed
Clean Energy Fund
Yale Div School environment group
Paul H: are there any liability concerns for partners? If a group has legal questions, email organizers-at-350ct-dot-org and we’ll deal with it
– Activities on the Green are covered by City of New Haven’s insurance
– no formal comittment that would ask them to assume liability; they are just saying they support the event

Currently a distinction between organizing partners (helping plan) and others. If they give us money, we can call them a partner. If a group wants to be called something else, email organizers-at-350ct-dot-org

Brainstorm on more partners for the list
– NH Friends Meeting (Kim)
– Environmental concerns coalition (Joyce)
– New Haven sister cities (Diane)
– Misauro community farm (John G/Diane)
– Woodbridge clean energy taskforce (John G)
– Climate voices (Rick)
– League of conservation voters (John C)
– People’s action for clean energy (Kim)
– Appalachian Mt club (Kim)
– Audobon CT (Kim); (not the same as CT Audobon)
– Cluefest (Tambira)
– Energy efficiency fund
– Pheonix Press (Paul H)
– Sterling Energy (Melissa?)
– UI/SmartLiving (Diane)
– Gateway office of sustainability (Paul H)
– hospitals/asthma centers (Tambira, Diane)

Get their logo and email it to organizers-at-350ct-dot-org

$25 fee if they need a table (suggested donation). No fee if they provide a table. Please update the spreadsheet if they need a table

– Please keep master master spreadsheet updated. Let Diane/Yalamber/Doug know if you contact new groups
or ask for access to the spreadsheet and do it yourself (this is better)

– Will Greenpeace be there? Ray has been in touch with them
For day of: have people walk around with clipboard to get sign-ups

– Take a look at and make sure you can find everything you’re looking for and that the website makes sense. If not, let us know. email organizers-at-350ct-dot-org . Do NOT email Justin

– general questions go to organizers-at-350ct-dot-org . Justin specific questions can go to Justin (justin-at-350-dot-org)

1 quick thing you’re good at
Rick – meeting people where they are
John G – identifying mushrooms
Diane – combining business bkgd with social work bkgd
Paul B – not getting frazzled
Tambira – creative, minutia (paralegal training), coordinating different people/groups
Ray – keeping track of ideas, talking to people
Sam – talking to total strangers
Kim – gathering info and summarizing it concisely
Doug – building things, tangible or not
Emily – being OCD and keeping track of details
Paul H – gathering information (not good a summarizing concisely). Director of last minute planning and dealing with crises
Joyce – run-on sentences, creative communication (groups and indivuals), artist
Yalamber – working with communities at grass root level
Justin H – talking to people randomly

Next steps
– table for 350ct at other events
9/10 – CT Green Expo (Emily, Yalamber)
9/17 – East Rock Festival (Doug, Rick)
9/17 & 9/18 – Live Green CT. Norwalk (Tambira)
– distribute (not make) buzz boxes
– get money
current budget: $550 to licence Wall-E, $500 for movie screen, $400 for stage
– more press, follow up, interviews
– first aid, security
– odds&ends supplies (markers, tables, truck, etc)
– get food for volunteers
– make a food map

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