July 25 – Climate Shoe Strike Registration

Online form Here :  https://forms.gle/SUM8vdQA7o2U1yjFA

July 25 – Climate Shoe Strike Registration
When we can’t gather for our safety, we can still show our support for the right climate and justice policies.
Send your shoes in your place to tell the CT government that you want the following :

Put people and the environment first.
-Prioritize measures that quickly create more jobs in sustainable future sectors. Introduce safety nets and measures to help people retrain and quickly get into work in clean industries that do not emit CO2.

Leave the fossil economy.( Stop NTE Fracked Gas, Gas Pipelines)
-Remove fossil subsidies and tax relief for fossil energy. Discontinue all public funding of – or investment in – fossil activities. Defund and outlaw development of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Retire all polluting facilities ASAP.

Declare a climate emergency.
-Once declared by political leaders, hold them accountable!

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  • Drop off & pick up at State Capital (Harford) on July 25th
  • Drop off prior to July 25th at specified locations
  • Send in shoes via mail ( Mailing address will be provided)
  • Have someone pickup from your location. ( Provide location with name)

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