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We did it!  What a beautiful day, and what a beautiful chance to get moving with our communities here in Connecticut. A huge, heartfelt thank you to all our partners, sponsors and organizers for making 9/24 Moving Connecticut happen.  See below for photos and next steps.

9/24 was the kickoff for our statewide, grassroots network called 350 Connecticut, and there’s lots more in store. Make sure to get on our email list so we can keep you posted on our next projects.

Have photos or videos? Send them to us (full resolution, multiple-per-email is fine) at [email protected] and we’ll add them to our photo stream.  Put the title of the photo plus “New Haven, CT, USA” in the subject line, and put “Photo: <your name>” and a description in the body.  Don’t forget to check moving-planet.org to see photos from around the world!

Our favorite photos and videos are here: 350CT on Flickr  And here are a few other great places to check out:

Three things you can do now:

  • Share your favorite moment from the day on our facebook wall or in the comments section below.
  • Show your support and appreciation and Like us and our partners!
  • Spread the word about 9/24 Moving Connecticut and all the important work we’re going to do together going forward. Post some pictures on facebook, share our media coverage, or write an op-ed yourself!

What did we do?

On September 24, 2011 people from across the state and a broad coalition of civic organizations, faith communities, non-profits and businesses converged on New Haven with one common goal: Moving Connecticut past fossil fuels toward a brighter future and a healthier planet. Many towns across CT hosted events during the day, and then we all joined together on New Haven Green for a rally, critical mass bike ride, music, talkback with local/state political leaders, opportunities to get involved in your community, and an outdoor screening of the movie Wall-E!

Why Rally Together?  Around the globe glaciers are melting, crops are failing, and extreme weather is becoming the norm. Moving Connecticut was part of 350.org’s “Moving Planet” global day of action, and together with others around the world we showed our leaders on 9/24 that our state is ready to leave dirty energy behind and make the rapid, responsible transition to clean energy that our world needs. 9/24 Moving CT was about showing our numbers, showing our resolve, and showing that we are already making a real difference with solutions like cycling and sustainable transportation, saving energy, community gardens and local farming, tree plantings, and faith-based stewardship.

There’s lots more work to do, and we’re building the grassroots movement to do it.  If you or your organization would like to get involved or partner with us, email us at organizers -at- 350CT -dot- org.  We need your support, because we can only rise to the challenge of climate change and moving beyond fossil fuels if we all work together.

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