MovingCT Planning

These are resources for organizers for 9/24 Moving CT.  If you have any questions or don’t see materials that you need, please write organizers -at- 350CT -dot- org.

If in doubt, the best 9/24 Moving CT planning resource is the Master Strategy Document.

Our “blast” — the announcement text we’re sending far and wide:



Justin Haaheim led an Outreach Training in late August, and recorded it for those who couldn’t make it. The training covers the “art” of approaching organizations and gaining their support for a project (in this case we focused on Moving CT), with specific attention to what it is we ask of those organizations and how to do all of this smoothly and in a way that is geared toward the interests of the organizations.

The video is here:
The document we refer to is here:


In the near future, this page should also include:

  • talking points for deniers.
  • faq for tablers (tambira).
  • parking info.
  • “how to visit” page.
  • “how to get involved” page – add to signup page examples of ways people could get involved and “i want my organization to be contacted”.
  • “how to” for personal appeal.
  • outreach call “script”
  • our volunteer registration form
Help us put together those materials!
Download our Flyer!

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