No War , No Warming : Join the fight to save the climate and lives.

Jan 9 – No War with Iran  Rallies – Statewide
Jan 9 – Climate Education Presentation   West Haven
Jan 15 – LCV Environmental Summit  –  Hartford
Jan 19  – 350 CT Meeting: Climate Resistance Presentation
Jan 25 – Wild & Scenic Film Festival  – Bridgeport   – Sierra Club 
Jan 29 – Climate Education presentation    East Haven
Feb 1 – Climate Education presentation    Falls Village
Feb 4 – Transit Equity Day
Feb 4 – IREJN Green Forum on State Legislation Hartford 
Feb 7 – UCONN Fridays for the Future Climate Strike
Feb 23 – IREJN Green Forum on State Legislation Mystic 
Mar 2 – IREJN Green Forum Environmental Racism   Hamden
Apr 25 – Rock 2 Rock Earth Day Bike Ride – New Haven

Climate Action is Peace Action
Peace Action is Climate Action

While most of us know that the Climate Emergency impacts every part of our society and mitigating climate change will require changing all that we know, war  and the climate crisis are uniquely intertwined.  The machines of war use an obscene amount of fossil fuels which drive the climate crisis and extreme unpredictable weather events cause chaos that can lead to conflict.  Many wars are predicated on the desire to secure the resources that fuel  climate chaos.  The victims of the climate devastation are then forced by their governments to risk and lose their lives fighting other people suffering under the same devastation.  And all those resources , human and monetary, spent to wage unnecessary war are unavailable to solve the real problem, the suffering ecosystem that is breaking down before our eyes.   Imagine if instead of sending bombs to the middle east, the United States was sending assistance to Australia to fight the climate change fueled bush fires ;
or to Jakarta to recover from the floods and mudslides ;
or perhaps we could be equipping our own nation to end our dependence on fossil fuels.
In the fight for climate justice we have no space or time for new wars, current wars or old wars.

Actions to Prevent War and End Current Conflicts

350 CT Next Meeting Jan 19th : Climate Resistance
When : Sunday Jan 19th 3:00-5:00
Where : CT Forests & Park 16 Meriden Rd. , Rockfall CT

Discussion of the Climate Resistance Handbook
(subtitle: I Was Part of a Climate Action. Now What?)

This handbook is about planning a strategy for building a powerful movement for climate action, with the emphasis on planning and strategy. It is a brief introduction to the steps for breaking the cycle of endless repetitive actions that don’t go anywhere and instead building a campaign with a well-defined goal and a strategy for escalating the pressure on a target. A series of campaigns then is used to build a growing movement.

This introductory handbook links to further training documents on the website.
Much of the approach taken here comes from Training for

Gov. Lamont will hold Forum on Transit Sun Jan 12th
While most of the news coverage of the transit plan from the governor has highlighted tolls, there is much more to talk about including the fact that there has been no official climate analysis from this administration.  In addition, some of the proposals put forward would exacerbate CT emissions by widening highways, building a new airport and not doing enough to expand access to mass transit.   Come to this forum to challenge the governor to build a climate friendly transit system that puts justice first.
When : Sunday Jan 12th  4:00 PM
Where : Bedford Middle School, 88 North Ave, Westport

Specifically , 350 CT needs everyone.
There is a dire need for more action on climate change and to be able to do all that is necessary, we need volunteers to take care of the day to day items that will make us successful.
A few specific areas of need :
Finance Committee
If you have experience with budgeting and reporting on finance matters we could really use your help.  Even if you have only balanced your personal accounts, we can help train you if you are interested in helping out.
Online Communication Committee
Have you ever sent an email? Updated a blog?  Posted on Facebook?  We need your experience to keep our online presence engaging and up to date.
Art Working Group
Do you like making art?  Music?  Have experience creating flyers, signs or graphics?   We need you help.

If you can help in any of these areas, please let us know at [email protected].  Volunteers who handle these tasks are the backbone of our organization and support everything that we do.  Thanks.