350.org Organizer Training in CT, Opportunities to Get Involved, Internships

350 Organizers and Supporters across CT,
Three important points about 350 + CT. I’ll be brief.

Moving Planet Organizingbit.ly/mpct-interest
Our organizing for Moving Planet on 9/24 is cruising. If you haven’t gotten involved, now’s the time, and we could use your help on our core organizing team or with regional outreach and regional event planning. List of core organizing leadership positions is at the bottom of this email. If you’re interested, here’s the place to let us know or feel free to email me directly.

We will be holding a 1-2 day organizer/activist training in August led by me and 350.org staff from the NYC or DC office. Trainings like this are worth their weight in gold, and 350 is running this training in CT because of the capacity this state has to make big waves. If you’re interested, fill out the doodle and get in touch by email or the link above. Travel reimbursement is available.

Finally, we are announcing a select number of justin by August 1st, 2011. Applications are considered on first-come, first-served basis until the positions are filled.

All best,

Justin Haaheim | Connecticut Regional Coordinator | 350.org

350 CT Leadership Positions

  • Outreach Coordinator: to coordinate and push forward our outreach to NGOs, businesses, k-12 schools and universities
  • Volunteer and Recruitment Coordinator: to coordinate and track volunteer interest and availability, and to recruit organizers
  • Meeting and Event Coordinator: to plan and schedule meetings and parties, set agendas, send out minutes and either take on or delegate meeting leadership and note-taking.
  • Media and Public Contact Coordinator: to make noise about the work we’re doing, coordinate/submit op-eds, take interviews with the media
  • Social Media Coordinator: to keep an active presence Facebook and twitter and to update our website (http://350ct.wordpress.com/)
  • City or University Lead Organizer: to build a local organizing team and take leadership of mobilizing a town, region or university. Consider this and one of the other roles above.

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