People’s Climate March 2017- Washington D.C. April 29

The People’s Climate Movement is a project of dozens of organizations working together to solve the climate crisis. It started with the historic People’s Climate March on the eve of the UN Climate Summit in September 2014 when 400,000 people from every walk of life marched through the streets of New York City demanding climate action.

At the end of April, Donald Trump will have been in office for 100 days. We need to mark that day with a massive demonstration that shows that our resistance is not going to wane or fade away.

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So far, our resistance has been beautiful — and it’s beautiful because at its heart is a vision of a future that inspires us and gives us hope. It’s a vision that protects our families, our communities, and our climate. Most importantly, it’s a vision that we are building together.

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The People’s Climate Movement is another part of that resistance.Join us in April, and let’s make it clear that our resistance is here to stay. Click here to RSVP for the march.

If you would like to take advantage of the bus routes 350 CT has set up they are listed below. Please join us so we can we can have a large CT contingent there.  If you would like to donate a seat to an activist who may not be able to afford one or need financial assistance to attend please email [email protected] 

  • Tickets are selling fast so you may see “Sold Out” when you look at your preferred location. If so please fill out THIS FORM so we can reserve another bus to accommidate the increased demand.
  • Transportation Request Form
The 350 CT Bus have sold out.  There are a few other organization that may have seats available:


We are doing the best we can to let everyone know about this event and get people there as cheaply and conveniently as possible.  This requires funds for flyers, buses, and other expenses.  If you can DONATE to 350 CT it would be very helpful.