Tar Sands Free NE Action Announcement

On Wednesday, July 25 350 CT will be marking the anniversary of the tar sands oil spill in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River with 2 events in hopes of preventing a similar tragedy in New England and anywhere else.  Canadian pipeline company Enbridge Inc. is proposing reversing the flow on the Line 9 and the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line to carry tar sands bitumen through New England for export around the world.  Doing so would corrode the pipeline to a point that a similar (or worse) spill is almost inevitable.

Event #1: We will be at the City Seed farmers market in New Haven from 11:00AM – 3:00 PM distributing information about Enbridge’s proposals, the damage tar sands does to land and water and enlisting support in convincing our legislators that exploiting tar sands are not in the national interest.

Event #2:  We will be joined by the Climate Summer Riders for a bike ride to show our opposition to the tar sands and that transportation is possible without oil.

    1. Leave New Haven Green at 5:00 (or so) for a ride around to city (route to be determined)
    2. Wear black.  I know it may be hot but we want to signify the near assurance that pipelines that carry bitumen from tar sands corrode and cause spills and water pollution
    3. Attach black streamers or signs to your bike to simulate the large damage that these spills would cause.

If you can join us at these events, help out or have questions please contact <[email protected]>.

For more info check out http://www.tarsandsfreene.org.

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    • The Global Warming Solutions Act(GWSA) is a law on the books in CT that sets aggressive goals for the reduction of greenhouse gases and implementing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas use in the state. The current status of the legislation is that DEEP is expecting a report from NESCAUM that would specify the measures needed to meet the goals set out by the GWSA. 350CT is in the process of planning how to pressure DEEP to get this report and release it publicly. If you would like to help please sign up for our email list and join us for our upcoming planning meetings.


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