Sat-Sun 12/10-11 Organizer Training in New Haven with staff

We’re putting together a weekend-long organizer training with staff on December 10th and 11th, and we’re currently accepting applications to participate.  Space is limited, so please make sure to send us your application by Saturday December 3rd.

Apply to be part of the Training

Trainings like this are unique and important opportunities to build relationships with other organizers, learn new skills for organizing people, framing and messaging, media and publicity, and more, and to identify the strengths you have to be a movement leader.  This training will be a chance for us to establish regional leadership for 350 Connecticut, the grassroots organizing group we’ve been putting together over the last 6 months.

The training will be all day saturday and sunday, and in order to participate you’ll need to be there both days.  There’ll be an informal gathering and meetup that Friday night.  We can cover your transportation costs and can likely find a place for you to stay, and will provide food.  There is no fee for participating.

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2 thoughts on “Training”

    • Great question, Judy. This is connected with the Tar Sands Action, Moving Connecticut and the other projects 350CT and are working on, but the training will be about the broad and important skills to organize around any of these campaigns. We’ll spend some time talking about Tar Sands next steps and next steps for 350CT, but most of our time will be spent learning and sharing skills and connecting with our peers.

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